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Although  our physical space remains closed due to the Covid 19, we are still connecting online.

LIVE ONLINE CLASSES  every day on ZOOM. Please register via www.momoyoga/yogacenterkeybiscayne

With all of our hearts, we welcome you to our yoga community. Yoga is an ancient set of tools that enable you to nourish the body and calm the waves of the mind so that you can experience true health, peace, and happiness within. Yoga has lasted thousands of years because it works. Experience it for yourself!

Sivananda Yoga (Classical Hatha Yoga)


Monday at 10am with Luis and 6pm with Miriam   

Tuesday at 10am with Miriam and 6pm with Helena

Wednesday at 10:00 am with Luis and 6p with Miriam

Thursday at 10am with Miriam and 6pm with Helena

Friday at 6pm with Helena

Saturday at 10am with Miriam

Sivananda Yoga consists of a beautiful sequence of Classical Hatha Yoga: Opening and closing mantras, pranayama (breathing techniques), sun salutations, 12 fundamental asanas (postures) practiced in an intelligent order respectful of the chakra system (energy centers), appropriate rest between postures, and relaxation at the opening and at the end of the session.

The basics of the class involve holding each pose in a calmed and quiet mental state guiding the practitioner into the attainment of the control of prana (control of the mind).
This truly traditional style of Yoga was brought to the west by one of the most prolific Yoga teachers of all time, Swami Vishnu Devananda. Such were the orders of his teacher Swami Sivananda, an enlightened spiritual Guru author of more than 200 books, and a medical doctor dedicated to the spreading of Yoga and Vedanta.

Sivananda Yoga ranges from gentle to physically challenging classes. Whether you are new to Yoga or an advanced practitioner, you will leave each session feeling physically and spiritually reenergized, with increased mental focus as you enjoy the amazing sensation of walking in the clouds.

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